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18m Military aluminum heavy duty motorized telescoping mast

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Product Description

electric telescopic mast is composed of the main pole,motor lifting systerm,strong steel

rope.Elestrical lifting and screw nut power systerm generate upward momentume.The max payload mainly  depends on motor power ,sections,height, diameter ,the bottom base,and the tripod,pulling cord ,as well the ground or vehicle situation.

Motor screw nut transmission systerm utilizing transformation of force,produce great
upward momentum. Combination part tightness and aluminum alloy material of the mast let no water retention ,no rain go in.
The mast available extended height is 3m to 45m.The payload up to 300kg from 5kg.
It can help lamplight,camera,ham radio,photography,antenna,yagi ,lightning rod,or else communication devices.
It can be used on the ground, vehicle mounted ,trailer , the wall or the mine.

Specs list

18m Military aluminum heavy duty motorized telescoping mast

                                       18m Military aluminum heavy duty motorized telescoping mast
Model No.
Max top payload:
Retracted height:
Extended height:
Main mast sections
6 sections round tube size:
Tube Outer diameter*wall thickness

2# 132*3.0mm
3# 114*3.0mm
4# 98*3.0mm
5# 83*3.0mm
6# 69*3.0mm
7# 55*3.0mm
8# 42*3.0mm
TOP flange size(diameter/thickness):
160mm/6mm, With 4pcs*10mm holes
Bottom Flange size(diameter/thickness):
Rectangle shape
230*420mm/12mm, with4pcs*13mm holes
Working temperature:
Motor power:
Max Wind load:
1.220v /DC 12Vmotor-------------------------1pc
2.Control box------------------------------------1pc
3.Handle lifting bar------------------------------1pc
4.Remote controller-----------------------------2pcs
5.Bottom flange(base)---------------------------1pc
6.TOP flange--------------------------------------1pc
7.Pulling cord box---------------------------------4pcs
8.Ground anchor----------------------------------4pcs


18m Military aluminum heavy duty motorized telescoping mast18m Military aluminum heavy duty motorized telescoping mast

Mast body. 

Common color is army green or silver color.But it can be changed to any color as customers' request.


       Portable model.

if need vehicle mounted model, we can

give you car clamps for fixing.


Packing & Delivery

plywood packed
one set mast with accessories wrapped by polyester tapes, then packed into a 
plywood case

Other Specification

Model No. Retracted
Diameter range
TAL-2E-30 1.0 2 40mm~60mm 3 30
TAL-2E-30 0.75 2 40mm~90mm 6 20
TAL-2E-100 1..2 2 105mm~130mm 2 100
TAL-3E-250 1.75 3 90mm~130mm 3 250
TAL-4E-250 1.8 4 90mm~130mm 3 250
TAL-4E-10 1.55 4 40mm~80mm 4 10
TAL-4E-50 1.2 4 60mm~130mm 6 50
TAL-5E-150 1.4 5 60mm~160mm 6 150
TAL-5E-600 1.6 5 60mm~150mm 5 600
TAL-6E-10 1.7 6 40mm~90mm 6 10
TAL-6E-50 1.7 6 50mm~105mm 6 50
TAL-8E-30 2.2 8 40mm~105mm 6 30
TAL-10E-30 2.45 10 40mm~105mm 7 30
TAL-12E-200 2.45 12 70mm~160mm 7 200
TAL-12E-35 2.3 12 40mm~130mm 7 35
TAL-12E-100 2.7 12 50mm~130mm 7 100
TAL-12E-20 2.4 12 40mm~150mm 7 20
TAL-15E-20 2.8 15 40mm~105mm 7 20
TAL-15E-30 2.8 15 50mm~130mm 7 30
TAL-15E-300 2.7 15 60mm~155mm 7 300
TAL-20E-200 3.7 20 70mm~230mm 7 200
TAL-25E-80 3.4 25 60mm~230mm 10 80
TAL-25E-60 3.4 25 60mm~210mm 10 60
TAL-28E-15 3.7 28.5 30mm~130mm 10 15
TAL-35E-10 3.9 35 30mm~180mm 11 10


After-sale Service

After sale service
Except the damages due to misuse, unauthorized modification and man-made sabotage, the main mast parts with the identified quality problems will enjoy free after-sales maintenance within one year’s time from the date of delivery on the condition that the buyer himself will bear the shipping cost back and forth and the said damage should be confirmed by the seller through photos, the video and description, the warranty will be invalidated in the event that:
A.  specified oils and lubricants are not used
B.  the mast is operated within a moving vehicle or trailer
C.  maximum loading or wind loading are exceeded
D.  the mast is operated at temperatures outside the recommended range


A. Installation Instructions:

     1.if mount on vehicle,just need car clamps to fix. If mount on ground,fix the base and tripod with stainless steel stakes,
     2.Determine the mounting position of telescopic mast if motorized mast hitting one ground anchor per 120 degrees. 
     3.Mount lifting handle bar or remote-controller to raise up motorized mast
B. Maintenance 
     1.Waterproof and dust proof cover should be put into outdoor storage 
     2.If there is a situation that is not smooth or obvious noise during lifting mast,add lubricating
         oil to make sure inner Mechanical parts work well. Suggest to add oil to the mast every 2-3 month.
          it's better  mobil 0W-20 oil
     3.Regularly check the connection parts in normal condition.

Company information

         Talents is a Chinese company that design, manufacture and supply a range of manual/
electric/pneumatic/hydraulicoperated telescopic masts and lifting devices that made of aluminum
alloy tube, stainless steel tube, fiberglass tube and carbon fiber tube.

      Talents was founded in 1995, since then we focus on offering customers high quality,
durable, applied and economic masts. 23 years of our specialized knowledge and experience of
the telescopic mast technology allows us to effectively supply the solutions and designing for the
OEM/ODM and after-sale services of the mast to meet our customer's needs, whilst ensuring
that we are achieving maximum efficiency and output at the same time. We are serving our long-
term customers from the five Continents and the four Oceans

       Our masts are CE certified, we have been a golden supplier on Alibaba since 2007, we are
keeping with our customers 
an one for one timely information feedback, we have organized an
expert team for quality control and inspection system, 
we have built up Multi-way fast delivery
channels and we are supplying one year free after-sale warranty to the buyer. We 
think outside
the box and are continually developing new products to meet customer requirements, what you
are asking 
for is our motive power of task, we wish one of our products will well-meet what you

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